MDX607 With Zircotec’s Performance Ceramic Coating

As a proud Zircotec authorised distributor, we were excited to show you one of our latest hybrid turbochargers, the MDX607, with performance white ceramic coating. 
The thermohold technology Zircotec used in their ceramic coating products not only leave a turbocharger and its manifold looking exquisite, it also has great performance benefits.  

The coating significantly reduces the heat transfer process between the exhaust manifold and turbocharger, along with other engine parts, providing excellent heat protection. This transferring of heat can be highly damaging for motorcycles and cars as it can reduce component reliability resulting in safety issues, it can reduce engine performance and damage expensive finishes.

The performance ceramic coating provided by Zircotec not only protects heat sensitive components, it actually reduces the temperature underneath the bonnet significantly. This lower temperature alters the temperature of new air entering the engine through the inlet manifold, meaning this is also reduced resulting in a greater power output and a denser charge!

An additional benefit of the coating is that it reduces, if not eradicates, fuel vaporisation.

The technology used in the ceramic coating means that it has an exceptionally high thermal barrier.  The coating is also very lightweight, durable and compact putting it at the forefront of heat protective technology and cemented its reputation amongst Formula One and Motorsport teams for the past two decades.

We offer the complete colour range of Zircotec’s ceramic coating including: Aged Brown, Performance White (as seen above), Aluminium Metal, Diamond Black, Antique Silver, Copper, Warm Grey, Chilled Red, Ultra Blue, Yellow Gold, Aqua Green, Fern Green, Sterling Silver, Graphite, Metallic Black and Solid Black.

We provide the ceramic coating technology for an extensive range of turbochargers and related components such as manifolds, external wastegates and exhaust pipes. If you are interested in purchasing this service or to find out more information you can contact us via telephone at 01202 487497, or alternatively to email us

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