Turbo Dynamics New Breed Of Turbo Goes ‘Viral’!

Dorset based turbocharger specialists, Turbo Dynamics, produce YouTube video which has received over 1.3 million world wide views!

A 93 second long video which was produced last year by Dorset based Turbo Dynamics Ltd, in conjunction with Brink Media, titled ‘New Breed of Turbo’ has received more than one million views.

As of Tuesday 13th December 2016 has amassed a total of 1,329,956 views, can be found on the ‘Hybrid Turbos’ YouTube channel here.

Hybrid Turbos is a trading name of Turbo Dynamics, used to promote the company’s extensive range of performance Hybrid Turbochargers which includes over 600 different applications. The company has a globally renowned reputation and has featured in racing fraternities including F1, professional rally, drifting, hillclimb and sprinting.

The video has left turbo enthusiasts around the world in hysterics by enticing them into believing that they are about to witness a ‘never been done before’ hybrid turbocharger that ‘is so different to any other in the world.’ The video sees a monstrous turbocharger being worked on in the Turbo Dynamics industrial workshop, only to leave watchers in fits of laughter as they find out that the ‘New Breed of Turbo’ is actually hamster powered!

The video has been supported by some of the world’s most popular automotive focused social media accounts including Street FX Motorsport & Graphics, Car Scene UK and Speed Society and has received comments such as “I can’t stop laughing”, “To everyone responsible for this commercial, Thank You!!!! I love it” and “I wasn’t expecting to laugh as hard as I did! Great video!”

Peter Marsh, Founder and Managing Director of Turbo Dynamics, has said: “the success of this video really has been phenomenal and what is even more impressive is when you delve into the analytics of the video you see that the viewing time tallies up and it has been viewed in 217 different countries!

They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery, but disappointingly many companies around the world have actually tried to claim our video as their own by removing all signs of Hybrid Turbos branding and replacing it with their company logos. In my view a deplorable act as it takes away from the hard work that went into producing the video by the Turbo Dynamics team.

I would like to thank Brink Media for their involvement and I would also like to stress that no hamsters were harmed in the making of the video… however I have been informed by the daughter of the employee who owns the hamster that our furry friend has been making some diva demands since becoming an ‘internet sensation’!”