Turbo Dynamics Sponsored Racer Featured on Amazon’s ‘The Grand Tour’

If you haven`t seen the final episode (ep 13) of Season 1 of The Grand Tour enjoy it with Richard Hammond learning to drift with Steve Baggsy Biagioni and Turbo Dynamics sponsored Conor Shanahan.

In mid 2016 Conor headed to the Top Secret Ladoux Test Centre in France. An impressive tyre testing facility with 20 test tracks 45 km long in total, used for grip tests on wet or dry surfaces, handling tests, noise tests, comfort tests and more.

With Hammond already knowing a thing or two about power sliding some of the worlds most powerful cars, it was time for Baggsy to teach him how to harness this skill and apply the correct techniques required for competitive drifting.

It was time for Richard Hammond to put his newly learnt skills to the test in a judged drift competition against 13-year-old Conor Shanahan from Ireland & Bartosz Ostałowski from Poland. At Turbo Dynamics we provided Shanahan with a Borgwarner EFR 8374 Twin Scroll externally gated unit. This turbocharged performance is shown in this episode of The Grand Tour.

‘The Grand Tour’ decided to save the best till last and the segment can be seen in the last episode of the first series now streaming on Amazon Prime. With ‘The Grand Tour’ tent-making a stop in Dubai for the final episode, Jeremy Clarkson is now delighted he has a playmate to drift with. Roll the cinematic montage of Hammond and Clarkson drifting McLaren P1′s, Porsche 318 Spyders and Ferrari LaFerrari’s. Make sure to watch the episode now, you won’t be disappointed, even if Hammond did only score 2 for his drifting.

If you have Amazon Prime you can WATCH the full episode here

You can follow Conor Shanahan’s progress on his Facebook Page here

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