Turbo Dynamics Turns 25!

Happy Birthday to Turbo Dynamics! We celebrate our 25th anniversary.

Turbo Dynamics are celebrating 25 years of the company in 2016. Turbo Dynamics Ltd is an independent, family owned business, established in 1991 by founder and Managing Director Peter Marsh. Specialists have been professionally trained to the highest of standards and are passionate about their work. Their performance equalled only by the performance of all the Hybrid and special build turbos manufactured over the last two decades.

The company has become renowned worldwide for its quality products and service within the turbocharger aftermarket as well as doing R&D for OE manufacturers. Our customer base is worldwide and includes OE manufacturers, large automotive parts factors, specialist tuners, engine builders and other turbocharger companies. We have a heavy involvement with the racing fraternity from Drifting to professional Racing Teams, Circuit Racers to Rally teams, privateer Hillclimb and Sprinters to Drag racers and current F1 teams.

History Behind Turbo Dynamics

Turbo Dynamics’ Managing Director Peter Marsh grew up around racing cars – not surprising given that his father raced in Formula 1 and at Le Mans, as well as holding a record of being six-times British Hillclimb Champion. Peter got a job in the turbo industry, and before long was designing hybrids for Cosworth in the late 1980s. At about that time he also got involved in a chip tuning business, reprogramming Eprom Chips, which was obviously an ideal complement to the turbo enterprise.

Tony Marsh was a highly coveted racing driver and was recognised by the Independent’s journalist, Phil Davidson, as being “one of the best all-round motor racing drivers”. He Competed in a handful of Formula 1 Grand Prix events and also co-designed the famous Gurston Hill Climb Race Course.

The local turbo business, which was just 100 yards away from Peter Marsh’s home, was then bought by Lucas who he continued with. “I was designing and selling hybrid turbochargers and Lucas incorporated them into its product portfolio”.

When the firm moved its operations to Burnley Peter decided to set up his own business and TD was born. A year later Lucas got out of turbocharging, and TD inherited some of its customer base.

At that time his expertise was in machining turbo compressor housings and wheels, carefully removing tiny amounts of metal to allow the wheels to spin faster and more efficiently.

Asked how turbo technology has changed over time, Peter confirms that while the general principles have remained the same, the use of different materials and improved aerodynamics have allowed better performance as well as improved reliability.

“Since the 1990s turbo speeds have increased from 150,000rpm to around 250,000rpm. One thing, sadly, that hasn’t changed is the ignorance that often surrounds turbo faults and their diagnosis.“

In 1990 turbos wouldn’t do much more than 150,000rpm – now, with the units being smaller, and with the use of improved construction materials and processes, turbo wheels can withstand faster speeds, the maximum is now around 250,000rpm. What’s more, housings are smaller – so turbos are more responsive.”

Turbo Dynamics Today

The two core businesses of the company are the supply of new and reconditioned exchange turbochargers for the passenger car and van market, covering all makes and the design and manufacture of hybrid turbochargers for high performance applications. Our hybrid turbocharger catalogue lists over 500 applications, being reputedly the largest range offered in the world. In addition we have other customer bases in the Motorcycle, Commercial Vehicle, Industrial, Agricultural and Marine sectors and an ever-increasing spare parts program to companies all around the world. We also design and manufacture parts and performance accessories in-house, as well as being distributors for some of the leading brand names in this field.

Since 1991 the company’s expert project design specialists inspire the future of hybrid turbocharger development. With our winning combination of specialised products, TD is set to go on from strength to strength. TD’s continued innovation, technology, research and development ensures that TD will be instrumental in and remain at the cutting edge of the turbochargers’ future to come……..