We’re Proud To Sponsor Litchfield’s GTR Sprint Series for 2016!

The Litchfield GTR Sprint Series is BACK for 2016!

We are proud to announce we are once again sponsoring the GTR Sprint Series for 2016.

Last year drew in a mixture of highly tuned and seriously impressive machines including many GTRs, EVOs, Imprezas, Atoms, Caterhams, BMWs, and even a Lamborghini.

Turbo Dynamics are immensely proud to be a part of this year’s event again by sponsoring the N2 Modified Turbo Class. As longstanding technical partners of the world class Gloucester based tuners, we have worked with Iain and his team on several industry leading projects for over a decade and are proud to supply the turbos to their dominating Nissan GTRs.

Stuart ‘Goldy’ Gold impressed everyone in his striking Gold Carbon Nissan R35 GT-R running Litchfield’s version 5 software which combined with The Turbo Dynamics supplied and modified turbochargers produced an impressive 725-BHP.

It has been great being involved with the sprint series, we would like to send a huge congratulations to Iain Litchfield and his team, and all involved with organising and hosting these events. It has been great seeing the fastest Evos, Imprezas and GTRs going head to head on some of the most renowned courses across the UK. We have also immensely enjoyed seeing our turbos not only put to the test but excelling beyond expectations – securing some of the fastest times recorded this year!

Each round will be run alongside the MLR/22B sprint series with 15 spaces for GTR owners.

2016 DATES:
Saturday 2nd April – Pembray
Sunday 1st May – Snetterton
Saturday 11th June – Castle Combe
Saturday 13th August – Hethel
Saturday 3rd September – Croft
Saturday 29th October – Cadwell Park