Can You Recondition A Garrett VNT Turbocharger?

Garrett VNT Turbos are OE fit on most modern turbocharged vehicles because they are extremely efficient, providing the best combination of performance boost and economy.

Turbos use variable vanes to set the optimum airflow for engine load and speed. They are so complex, it is impossible for remanufacturers to exactly match their critical tolerances and settings. So, buying a reman VNT turbo will inevitably lead to disappointed customers, with extra expense and loss of reputation for dealers.

The only safe way to replace Garrett VNT Turbos is with a brand new one from a Garrett Authorised Turbo Specialist, such as Turbo Dynamics.

Turbo Dynamics supply turbos to dealers as well as end users. Not only are our prices highly competitive, we also include:

  • Helpful diagnostic advice and expert support.
  • Free FitKits including gaskets, studs and oil-filled pre-priming injector.
  • Rapid delivery – usually faster than main dealers.

As Garrett Authorised Turbo Specialists we supply new and genuine Garrett turbos and parts through our webshop here.