If You Tow, You Should Remap

ECU remapping, mapping, engine tuning, chip tuning… whatever you call it, the service has become hugely popular for multiple reasons and for many varying different groups of people.  Those choosing to have their engine remapped include individuals looking to maximise BHP, people who competitively race, company owners looking to manage fleet vehicles, those wanting to lower their CO2 emissions and everyday individuals who cover a lot of miles and are looking to increase their MPG to save on ever increasing fuel costs.

The remap service we offer is in partnership with Celtic Tuning, which is one of the largest remap specialists in the UK. This service can be tailored to suit individual needs and has left our customers reaping the benefits of a faster, smoother and much more responsive drive. Depending on the type of remap purchased and usage of a vehicle, customers can see a return of investment of up to 40% more power and torque and an increase in fuel savings of up to 20%. It is the increase in torque in particular which is making the service extremely popular among the Towing Community.

Those who tow will know that their vehicle is put under strain to perform, especially up hill, when hauling another vehicle/trailer etc. The increase in the amount of torque an engine has, as a result of a remap, means that there is also an increase in the rev range and the amount of power which is usable. This impact means that less gear changing is required when towing a vehicle than what would normally be because your engine is much more responsive when the accelerator pedal is pressed. The delivery of the additional torque is smooth which makes for a more enjoyable driving experience and easier, safer overtaking. Many purchasers who frequently tow do also say that they see a definite improvement in mpg because they are now able to utilize the usage of the higher gears and not have to drop down as often to maintain a consistent speed, making incline or traffic driving a lot more manageable.

Being based in Christchurch, Dorset, we are ideally located for those living or travelling to; Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire, all of which are popular destinations for caravan sites, equestrian events, car and boat shows and mooring harbours and marinas.

If you would like to enquire about this service please contact us today by calling: +44 (0)1202 487497 or emailing: sales@turbodynamics.co.uk