Is Your Marine Turbo Ready For The Season Ahead?

Spot The Signs

Wear and tear, oil problems, over speeding and debris are issues which can occur with any turbocharger, including marine turbochargers. The important thing is to try and catch a problem early in order to avoid a costly repair or complete replacement.

What happens to my engine when my turbo is worn or damaged?

Performance Loss: A malfunctioning turbo can significantly reduce your boat’s power output, impeding acceleration, cruising speed, and overall performance.

Increased Fuel Consumption: Inefficient combustion due to a faulty turbo can lead to heightened fuel consumption, impacting both your budget and the environment.

Engine Damage: In severe cases, a neglected turbo can cause damage to your engine, necessitating costly repairs or even leading to complete engine failure.

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What Can Turbo Dynamics Do For You?

For every turbocharger we receive, we offer a full inspection, free of charge, in order to determine the fault. 

We will inspect the turbine blades for any damage or imperfections, check the turbine housing for corrosion, check the oil seals and shafts for wear and scoring, and check the journal bearings and thrust assembly for excessive wear or deterioration. We will even check the actuator and inspect the oil inside the turbo to determine if the failure was caused by another engine component failing. After all, no one wants to pay to have their turbo fixed twice, which is why we believe a thorough inspection and correct diagnosis is critical.

It’s becoming increasingly common for us to see Marine turbochargers with excessive corrosion in the turbine housing. This can cause many issues including loss of power, low boost, black smoke, and a reduction in maximum engine RPM.

We offer a solution that involves removing the corroded material from within the turbine housing and replacing it with a bespoke stainless steel ‘sleeve’. The repair costs a fraction of a new replacement turbocharger whilst restoring optimum performance and protecting against future corrosion – something the OE turbocharger does not offer.

When the failure analysis is complete we will offer you a quote for the cost of repair, reconditioning, servicing or supply of a new turbo. If you decide you do not want to have the issue remedied by us we will deliver the turbo back to you.

At Turbo Dynamics, repairing a turbo when possible will always be our first objective. Our reputable cost of repair service starts from only £195 + VAT (depending on condition) for any unit in need of an overhaul.

If a turbo is in need of replacing, you will be safe in the knowledge that we will always supply OEM turbos, to ensure the very best quality.

Marine Turbo Insert
This is a K26 turbo we repaired with a marine 316 grade stainless steel insert. This is required when the inside of the turbine housing has excessive corrosion. With this insert you can rest assured that corrosion will not ruin your day out on the water!

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