T5 Turbocharger Becomes A Flying Machine

“Had my T5 Turbo kitted out with a new turbo set up (hybrid) after my little alterations, my god! The power is amazing and smoother delivery. Now I have one mean green flying machine! 5 Stars all around for build and quality.”

Alan Marcon is one our of customers who came to us with an idea of what he wanted. Through his own words, he describes what he was after.

“As much as I love a powerful engine in a car or van it’s not always about power. You can have a thousand bhp and if your motor weighs like a tank it’s not going to go very fast. So like my hybrid design with Turbo Dynamics, it’s about intelligent engineering and educated decisions for power and speed.”

“My new turbo will be working a lot less, as I am getting rid of any weight off the van and putting new image wheels which will be load rated and 9kg’s. Removing the weight from your wheels will improve your spool times and take load off the engine and clutch. We are really hoping that this will send my Sportline 0-60 between 5-7 seconds I have another 60-80kgs to strip off the van in which it will be England’s lightest Bi-turbo van.”

“The engineering that went into the turbo unit itself from build quality to vibration testing to my honing and porting. We are hoping to see 280 ponies but I will be happy with 240 as it’s about reducing load, mass and inertia. Newtons law is never wrong and by going on a diet will make speed altering performance gains. Martin of Pendle performance will have the joys of careful Precision mapping of this baby and will be on offer to the public.”

The VW T5 Biturbo has had its limits removed and restricted power is a thing of the past.

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